Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy February!!!

I cant believe its already February, before we know it we're going to be half way through the year. This weekend was a rather busy one, not really but when your sleep-deprived it seems that way. Finally my son slept through the night and hopefully we can get him back on track with sleeping at night.

I haven't done much with my hair because Ive been so tired. Ive been wearing it in the same afro from sat morning. Last night while talking to my mom about our hair I decided to see if I would be able to put some curls in it. So I grabbed a piece of hair, put some s-curl activator on the piece and set it on a perm rod and in a couple hours it did curl, so now my objective for tomorrow is to set my entire head...what a mission Im setting myself up for.

This is what I plan to do:
- Pre-poo tonight with a Coconut/Castor Oil mixture I made and do a 5 min scalp massage
-Wash hair tomorrow with Giovanni 50/50 clarifying shampoo
- Aphogee 2 minute keratin treatment
- detangle/DC w/ HE Hello Hydration w/ 30 mins of heat under hooded dryer
-ACV rinse to seal cuticle
- Giovanni DLI and Coconut/ Castor Oil as a sealant
-Set hair on perm rods w/ S-curl activator gel

I really wish my Shea and Mango Butter would be delivered tomorrow so I could use that instead of the S-curl Gel, but I highly doubt it. If any of you know something else I could use to define and set the curls better, feel free to let me know

So Ill keep you posted on the results!!!

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