Thursday, February 19, 2009

I heart technology

On Weds of this week and upgraded my phone to the IPhone from the AT&T Tilt. BIG IMPROVEMENT!! I havent fallen for my phone like this in awhile. Now I see what the big hoopla was about. This phone ROCKS!! Not only is it sleek and slim but the graphics and apps are the best.

The only con that Ive run into so far is that I cant send pic messages like other phones and thats a big downside because Im used to getting crazy picture messages from friends and co-workers and sending pictures of my son also and now I cant do that. The only way that Ive seen that it could be done is through email and the whole point of picture messages is that you get the message right away. 1 strike for IPhone.

The biggest pro and it maybe because Im in nursing, but just a few minutes ago I was browsing through the apps and discovered a section for medical applications. Guess what applications I found?? Epocrates, Skyscape, Tabers Medical Dictionary and tons of other. Those of you in the nursing or medical field period know how resourceful this programs are and best of all you can download them to your phone for FREEE!!!!(Well almost for the aforementioned you already have to have a subscription but still some aspects are completely free.) Im besides myself with joy because it was recommended that we buy Palm Pilots with some of these programs on it and mine was in my car when it got stolen. Nonetheless the police found the car but obviously the Palm Pilot wasnt there. So now I can have these resources right at my fingertips and now I dont have to shell out another $300. I cant wait to go home and tell my mother, who's a nurse, about this. I know she'll appreciate the discovery. Next semester is going to be great, MedSurg Im ready for you now..sike lol

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