Friday, February 6, 2009

Hair today...Gone tomorrow

When I became fully natural I decided that I would keep my hair braided up because thats when it grew the most. I would get box braids, full head weaves and didnt really wear my hair out, only in between. So on this one occasion I went to another salon under a good recommendation, whenever my beautician does a full head weave it looks a little bulky to me so I wanted to try somewhere new.....first mistake- Stick with what you know. So the girl who I was recommend to go asked another stylist to braid my hair up for her and she starts to braid up my hair in a beehive and Im telling her not to braid so tightly and she listens and it was that bad. As the girl is starting to sew the weave in I feel my head getting very warm and my head starts to hurt but we keep going....second mistake- I shouldve stopped her right there and took the entire thing out since she was in the process, but I didnt. I wasnt sure if it was the whole process compounded with me being hungry. It got so bad at one point that I had to step outside to get some air, but like I said I wasnt sure if it was the hair being done and being hungry, because I do get very bad hunger headaches. I finally went back inside and ordered some food, I ate and felt a little better. Needless to say my hair came out so flyyyy, so I was happy. I change my hairstyles frequently and about a month later I was ready to take the weave out. So my boyfriend and I did so, I go in the shower to wash my hair and as Im washing my hair, CHUNKS of hair start to come out in my hand, so Im trying not to panic and pass out. Im crying as I wash my hair and more hair comes out. So I get out of the shower, by this time I cant even breathe or talk to relay the message to my boyfriend. I sit on the floor and turn around to show him my head, and hes silent, for what seemed to be a hour, and all you can hear is me crying. I ask him if it was that bad and he slowly says..."yea babe, it is". There was a golf ball sized patch of hair missing, like as if someone shaved my head with a blade. I cried for hours and started to hyperventilate and I really thought I was going to pass out. I went back to the salon and showed her what happened and she had the nerve to ask me if I had cut the hair out. Now if I had cut the hair then there would still be some hair left in the scalp, but there was NOTHING!! Just a patch of shiny, clear scalp with no piece of hair insight. I was too through and didnt want her touching my hair ever in my life. I thought about suing her behind but that wasnt going to bring my hair back and talking real bad about her and the salon. For awhile there was nothing I could really do but try to use the hair around it to try to cover the spot. Over time it seemed like the spot grew bigger to about the diameter of a tennis ball. Thank God it eventually grew back and its not as noticeable as before. Ive learned my lesson and Im never letting anyone new touch my hair..not even to wash it.

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