Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Im back after a long weekend. So the last time I did my hair was last Fri night. What I did was co-wash w/ HEHH, detangle w/ my Jilbere shower comb and sealed my ends with Giovanni LID, Whipped Shea and Mango Butter mixture and Curl Junkie Coffee Coco Curl Creme. I was reading Chicoro's Fotki and decided to try her sealing method. Basically after washing your hair, to seal your hair, you want to start with a water based moisturizer, then an oil based one and finally an emulisified base. Thats the combination that I used above. I did 2 strand twist all over my head and set the ends on perm rods. In the morning I pulled apart the 2 strand twist and pinned back the front. I didnt really take good pictures this time..Sorry lol

My hair was a little crunchy I probably put too much Curl Junkie, but it was cute for the day. To maintain the style, each morning I spary my homemade 50/50 glycerin, aloe vera moisturizer all over and then melt some whipped Shea Mango butter mixture in my hands and rub that in to my hair to seal , fluff out the hair and keep it moving. Sunday I packed up the baby and we went on a little roadtrip that led us to Columbia, MD. We actually went to my cousin's son 1st birthday party. We had fun, but man there was A LOT of children lol. Guess that what I have to look forward to....but actually I am. Its crazy who you meet and what you can learn from them. At the birthday party there was this woman with the thickest hair ever, and it was gorgeous, I wish my hair was like that. We bagan talking about our hair and what we do and I started telling her about my Shea Mango butter mixture and her response was something to the effect of "wow, Im gonna use you as my hair inspiration" and that really made my day. Can you imagine, little 'ole me inspiring someone else with techniques and tips to better the health of their hair?!?! Im still learning but life is all about paying it forward. Its no good for you to learn something if you cant take that information and help the next person out.


  1. I must admit I love your hair and your clever with tweaking a classic style

  2. thank you. Ive always liked my hair but after that unfortunate incident I didnt like it because I couldnt do anything to hide the bald spot. so now thats it has finally grown in with enough hair for me to style Im excited lol. Now I can go back to trying new styles, I love changing up my hair