Monday, June 29, 2009

Playing catch up

Ok so I have a BUNCH of pics that I took while I was on my work hiatus and Im going to post them in several different posts. While I was doing my 90 twist challenge, I did some research on doing a banana and coconut milk deep conditioner, I forget who I initally saw doing this but I thought it was interesting nonetheless.

I took 1 can of coconut milk and one banana along with some honey and blended it, then smooshed it into my freshly washed twist and donned a plastic cap then rinsed the next day. It left my twists feeling very soft and moisturized.
Here is the final result, soft and moisturized hair. zero products were added in this shot and you can see the shine. I braided up the hair to air dry when I slept and then released in the morning.

3 month length check

Im so happy and proud of the way that my hair has been growing. If I only knew what I know now back then, who knows where my hair would be. In case you just joined us, in Jan of this year I made a vow to take better care of my hair and for th emost part I have been staying true to that.

So here is my 6 month hair length check. Im not ready to get my hair straightened so I just stretch the hair as far as it goes. These pictures were all taken at the end of the day and all I did was a simple wash n go.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Weight Loss Success

Before I was trying to lose 20lbs by May but now Im just trying to lose 20lbs and whenever that happens then it does. Im proud to say that I have lost a total of 11lbs thus far and Im so HAPPY!!

What Ive Doing:
Havent really been consistently working out but I havent been eating after 8pm and not buying food. Ive been cooking my food and bringing it to work. About a week ago I decided to cut out carbs from my diet, all I was eating was steamed veggies and tuna fish and chick peas with tuna. From that I lost about 6 lbs and then I lost another 2. Im very happy and proud of myself.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I didn't realize from my last post tht my 90 day kinky twist was due to end in 3 days. I actually enjoyed the break from having to do my hair. I think I might incorporate this into my hair regimen, maybe 2 months of my hair being out and then 3 months of a protective style

One day at work I was talking to my coworker who is Indian about my search for some local hennas. She just happened to hav about 5lbs of henna laying around bc her uncle hennas his hair but she's not into it. How great is that. She said that her family goes back to India frequently and they get it all the time. So I think I just found my local henna supplier!!

My goals for this summer:
-Henna hair every 2 wks
-wash hair everyday
-if I wear my hair out I will moisturize at night and braid it up

Overall, I'm really impressed by the amount of growth that I've achieved since January, I never thought that my hair would flourish the way it is and I'm definitely excited for the future

Also my 3 year Nappyversay is next month!!
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