Saturday, December 26, 2009

First wig!!

I made this wig on weds night. I used 2 packs of Kanubia brand hair, a wig cap and bonding glue. It took me awhile to make bc I started and stopped. I shouldve taken pics of me in the process but here's the finished results. This hair is synthetic and its starting to frizz slightly but oh well! The next one I'm going to attempt to make will be a straight hair one w an invisible part
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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

1st blow out

Ok this is on my birthday. I didn't really care for the blow out and my hair was still puffy. I took more pics but on my camera which came out better bc I had to re-straighten my hair which flattened it a bit more. I also took some length shots and did a much needed trim. Ill try to post these ASAP. I'm thinking of doing it again for xmas but idk.

Jan marks my 1st year of achieving better hair care and as I semi reflect I need to go bac to the things I did in the beginning which really made a difference and I think for the remainder of my pregnancy I'm going to keep my hair in protective styles lik the box braids I had with my natural hair. Ill do those again after the holidays
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Friday, November 6, 2009

No maintenance

For the last month or so I've had my hair in this box braids. Been meanin to post this pics. This is about 2 wks ago when I cowashed my hair I decided to take some pics w my hair wet. It took me about 2 hours to do these braids and more than tht to take it out. I'm currently doin that. I like this style bc it is no maintenance and thts wht I need right now in my life.
This month is my birth month and I wanted to get a blow out for my birthday just to see my length, my little sis comes home and gets them all the time and it looks FAB so I'm curious. My dilemma however is tht I just found out I'm preggo w TWINS, yes twins and I'm not sure if I want to put that much stress on my tresses. I'm only about 11 wks and I figure its still early but idk I'm thinking about it. Ill post more pics once I get these braids out and wash my hair. I'm not sure if I'm due for a length check but ill probably do one any way
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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Something new

I decided to do something basic but still protective w my hair. I was browsing YouTube the other day and came across a great time progression video of her hair growth. She had done a lot of box braids as her grew, so I figured y not do the same. I did these braids 2 nights ago and I think tonight I'm going to attempt the baggy method. Its moisturizing ur hair or ends if u choose, sealing w an oil and then wearing a plastic cap to retain the moisture. The results r suppose to b great and immediately noticeable, so I'm gonna give it a try.
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Monday, October 5, 2009

My puff, I love this thing. I think I enjoy it bc its gives me the hope of one day having a puff this grand. I'm so disappointed in myself, I started off so string w this hair thing and now its practically nonexistent. I think I went too strong in the beginning and didn't factor in my hectic schedule. I think tonight I'm gonna do a protein treatment while I study and then baggy my ends. In the am since I have no class I'm gonna box braid my hair and hopefully that will last for awhile. Unfortunately I did kinky twist my hair w extension but tht didn't last, I did them too big and ugly like lol
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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Half wig

Well I just got put on to half wigs and I thnk they r great. This is the 2 one tht I've had. Its a great way to let ur hair rest and u can remove it whenever u feel the need. Underneath my hair is in big braids. This school year I want to keep my hair in a protective style just bc I don't want to deal w doing it every day.

Probably next week I will put my hair back in the kinky twists that I had before. I really want to get a blowout from the Dominicans and I think I might do tht for my birthday in Nov.

Excuse the shiny forehead lol. I usually wear a headband or use a cut stocking as a headband where the wig lays just to kind if cover it and add style
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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Back 2 Basic

Today I came to the realization that things, relating to my hair, were better in the beginning when I didn't know. So how thru my busy schedule I made the time to moisturize my hair and braid it up at night and in all honesty I really just wanted to see if my hair would grow. I didn't believe that it would since it hadn't passed the length that it was, even my mother said the same. I browsed different fotkis and ready different hair sites and saw all the other great results that was being achieved by other women and thru sheer curiosity I decided to do the same.

Now I that I have seen that my hair will grow, I have slacked off and need to get back to the basic that I started with. Tonight I realized tht I can shower, brush my teeth and braid up my hair for the night in less than an hour. So I ask myself, why is this something that I haven't been doing, and I've realized that except for being a mother to my son, I had checked out mentally towards everything else. This is my public statement I guess to myself, admitting that and I'm slowly going to work towards reversing that and checking back into life. School will start back up again in a matter of weeks and I think I'm just SCARED. Scared of failure! This is more than a hair issue, my hair just happened to be caught in the crossfire of my life and I plan to regain it all back.
About 2 wks ago I trimmed about 1in off my hair. I had not cut my hair in about 2yrs and the ends were jacked up. I did this in an attempt to rid my hair of the old ends and start a fresh with better ends. So far not so good but I'm going to get back in the motion of doin Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) rinses after conditioning. I also started to get bored w wear my hair out. Silly me, how easily I forgot how I used to wear my hair and I will b goin back to the rod sets and 2 strand twists set on rods. Those styles always worked for me so why fix it if it aint broken? EXACTLY.

Ok had to get that out in the open, now I can fall asleep. Nighty Night!
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Friday, July 17, 2009

Nothing really

Since the hair show last sun I haven't done anything to my hair. I'm just riding the hairstyle out. Got a lot of compliments on it and I do like it a lot but I can't wait to wash my hair. Once I do wash the style out I'm going to put my hair in the same coiled style that the top is in but just bigger, don't really hav the patience to do small coils. I'm definitely going to clip off the rough ends completely. It will go back and at least my ends will b better. Till then night!!
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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Here are some more pics from the hairshow hair done by Sabine from Sabine's Hallway 325 Franklin Ave Brooklyn NY
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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sabine's Hallways Natural Hair Salon Annual Hair and Fashion Show

On Sun July 13, I was a model in a hair show by Sabine's Natural Hair Salon in Brooklyn NY. There was about 10 models in the show. All hair was doin by Sabine and Nicole, clothes by Not Just Vintage located in Brooklyn also and make u done by April Perry. Sabine specializes in all natural hair from dreds to fros to transitioners. So if your in brooklyn check her out at 325 Franklin Ave Brooklyn NY
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Friday, July 10, 2009

Just another day

Last night after I finished blogging I decided to do an overnight oil treatment as I was planning to was my hair today. I used an oil mixture that I made consisting of EVOO, peppermint EO and castor oil? Maybe not sure about the last oil. And I bought some oil from an Indian grocer which is suppose to stop breakage. I put that on the scalp and did a quick scalp massage, donned a plastic bag and called it a night

This morning I co washed my hair and detangled and left my hair in 5 big twist and tied it up n a towel. About a hour later when I was ready to style, my hair was so soft and moisturized. I keep tellin myself to do this oil treatment regularly and I think I'm going to make a valid attempt at doing so.

I took out the twist and sprayed some leave in conditioner and smoothed some shea butter, fluffed and put on my flower. Even now that its completely dry there's still some softness to it
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Just a test
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Natural- versary

This month of July represents my 3 year mark since my last relaxer. Im trying to find pictures of my hair before.
A couple days ago I did my first puff and I LOVED the way it came out, dont you? Its full and beautiful. Its a little lopsided but it was my first time doing this. To get this I co washed my hair, which by the way Ive been doing every 2nd day since it warmer out, I brushed up the sides and applied some Activator grl with aloe to moisturize and some Lets Jam soft hold to keep it together. I used a leg cut off from an old pair of pantyhose and tied around until I felt comfortable.

To cut or not to cut

is definitely the question. I havent had my hair trimmed in about almost 2 years and my ends are starting to feel rough and you can definitely tell the difference from the ends and the rest of the hair. So I decided to so a very little trim and mayb Ill do this every 3 months until the ends are all gone. Now I understand why people dont like to get their hair trimmed. I feel like I should just cut off the bad ends off but then thats my growth that Im throwing out the window, so like I said I do a baby trim every 3 months until it better.
Im just backtracking because I just realized that I posted the pics of my hair in the curled twists without showing the twists before the curls. Im really enjoying how my hair has been looking these days!

After the Twists are out

this pictures shows how much growth was made during the challenge. the top white fuzz ball is where the extenstions met.

Once I took out all of the twist I oiled my hair and did a 24 hour hot oil treatment. Once that was done this I carefully detangled each twist strand by strand, so I could retain as much hair as possible. Until now, Ive always just combed out the knots which is probably why my hair "never grew" I know now that I just wasnt retaining length. I learned this technique of detangling twists from Grow Afro Hair Long and I think that was the best piece of hair information that I have discovered thus far,
The big puff of hair on the right side is what came out from me detangling each twist, strand by strand and the left side is from when I detangled while co-washing.Here is my hair after the whole ordeal.

remember how I told you that my hair got completely pulled out in Feb 08? Well here is the current state of that section of hair. There is no longer a bald spot and the hair in that section is growing fine. Im so Happy. Ive been waiting so long to do some "Chiny Bumps" or Bantu Knots, whatever you wanna call it, becauseI couldnt because of the hair loss in the middle but now I can!!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Playing catch up

Ok so I have a BUNCH of pics that I took while I was on my work hiatus and Im going to post them in several different posts. While I was doing my 90 twist challenge, I did some research on doing a banana and coconut milk deep conditioner, I forget who I initally saw doing this but I thought it was interesting nonetheless.

I took 1 can of coconut milk and one banana along with some honey and blended it, then smooshed it into my freshly washed twist and donned a plastic cap then rinsed the next day. It left my twists feeling very soft and moisturized.
Here is the final result, soft and moisturized hair. zero products were added in this shot and you can see the shine. I braided up the hair to air dry when I slept and then released in the morning.

3 month length check

Im so happy and proud of the way that my hair has been growing. If I only knew what I know now back then, who knows where my hair would be. In case you just joined us, in Jan of this year I made a vow to take better care of my hair and for th emost part I have been staying true to that.

So here is my 6 month hair length check. Im not ready to get my hair straightened so I just stretch the hair as far as it goes. These pictures were all taken at the end of the day and all I did was a simple wash n go.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Weight Loss Success

Before I was trying to lose 20lbs by May but now Im just trying to lose 20lbs and whenever that happens then it does. Im proud to say that I have lost a total of 11lbs thus far and Im so HAPPY!!

What Ive Doing:
Havent really been consistently working out but I havent been eating after 8pm and not buying food. Ive been cooking my food and bringing it to work. About a week ago I decided to cut out carbs from my diet, all I was eating was steamed veggies and tuna fish and chick peas with tuna. From that I lost about 6 lbs and then I lost another 2. Im very happy and proud of myself.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I didn't realize from my last post tht my 90 day kinky twist was due to end in 3 days. I actually enjoyed the break from having to do my hair. I think I might incorporate this into my hair regimen, maybe 2 months of my hair being out and then 3 months of a protective style

One day at work I was talking to my coworker who is Indian about my search for some local hennas. She just happened to hav about 5lbs of henna laying around bc her uncle hennas his hair but she's not into it. How great is that. She said that her family goes back to India frequently and they get it all the time. So I think I just found my local henna supplier!!

My goals for this summer:
-Henna hair every 2 wks
-wash hair everyday
-if I wear my hair out I will moisturize at night and braid it up

Overall, I'm really impressed by the amount of growth that I've achieved since January, I never thought that my hair would flourish the way it is and I'm definitely excited for the future

Also my 3 year Nappyversay is next month!!
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