Friday, July 10, 2009

Just another day

Last night after I finished blogging I decided to do an overnight oil treatment as I was planning to was my hair today. I used an oil mixture that I made consisting of EVOO, peppermint EO and castor oil? Maybe not sure about the last oil. And I bought some oil from an Indian grocer which is suppose to stop breakage. I put that on the scalp and did a quick scalp massage, donned a plastic bag and called it a night

This morning I co washed my hair and detangled and left my hair in 5 big twist and tied it up n a towel. About a hour later when I was ready to style, my hair was so soft and moisturized. I keep tellin myself to do this oil treatment regularly and I think I'm going to make a valid attempt at doing so.

I took out the twist and sprayed some leave in conditioner and smoothed some shea butter, fluffed and put on my flower. Even now that its completely dry there's still some softness to it
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