Sunday, August 16, 2009

Back 2 Basic

Today I came to the realization that things, relating to my hair, were better in the beginning when I didn't know. So how thru my busy schedule I made the time to moisturize my hair and braid it up at night and in all honesty I really just wanted to see if my hair would grow. I didn't believe that it would since it hadn't passed the length that it was, even my mother said the same. I browsed different fotkis and ready different hair sites and saw all the other great results that was being achieved by other women and thru sheer curiosity I decided to do the same.

Now I that I have seen that my hair will grow, I have slacked off and need to get back to the basic that I started with. Tonight I realized tht I can shower, brush my teeth and braid up my hair for the night in less than an hour. So I ask myself, why is this something that I haven't been doing, and I've realized that except for being a mother to my son, I had checked out mentally towards everything else. This is my public statement I guess to myself, admitting that and I'm slowly going to work towards reversing that and checking back into life. School will start back up again in a matter of weeks and I think I'm just SCARED. Scared of failure! This is more than a hair issue, my hair just happened to be caught in the crossfire of my life and I plan to regain it all back.
About 2 wks ago I trimmed about 1in off my hair. I had not cut my hair in about 2yrs and the ends were jacked up. I did this in an attempt to rid my hair of the old ends and start a fresh with better ends. So far not so good but I'm going to get back in the motion of doin Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) rinses after conditioning. I also started to get bored w wear my hair out. Silly me, how easily I forgot how I used to wear my hair and I will b goin back to the rod sets and 2 strand twists set on rods. Those styles always worked for me so why fix it if it aint broken? EXACTLY.

Ok had to get that out in the open, now I can fall asleep. Nighty Night!
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