Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Half wig

Well I just got put on to half wigs and I thnk they r great. This is the 2 one tht I've had. Its a great way to let ur hair rest and u can remove it whenever u feel the need. Underneath my hair is in big braids. This school year I want to keep my hair in a protective style just bc I don't want to deal w doing it every day.

Probably next week I will put my hair back in the kinky twists that I had before. I really want to get a blowout from the Dominicans and I think I might do tht for my birthday in Nov.

Excuse the shiny forehead lol. I usually wear a headband or use a cut stocking as a headband where the wig lays just to kind if cover it and add style
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  1. what brand and name is that half wig? it look good on you.

  2. to be quite honest, Im not too sure. I'll see if its stil in the stores and get bac to u on it. Thanx