Thursday, February 5, 2009

Curl Junkie Coffee-Coco Curl Creme

I ordered this product last sat and it just arrived in the mail today!! Im excited to use it especially since I desperately needed something to help with the curls when I set my hair on perm rods. Im going to try the style again using the Curl Junkie Creme and hopefully Ill get great results.

Here is the promise:
Enriched with Authentic Monoi Coconut oil, Coffee Bean & Shea butters, and a host of exotic oils, create super moisturized, defined curls and coils with this rich curl crème! Combines the moisturizing properties of a leave-in conditioner with the hold of a light styling gel. Adds weight and provides light to medium hold for curls.

I dont like the smell of it, I dont know if its the coffee or the coco but Im not feeling it..Im tempted to return it but I want to see if it holds up to its promise and expectations, as Ive only heard nothing but great reviews for this product. Tomorrow night Im going to attempt the same hair style that Ive been wearing for the past couple of days, a roller set on perm rods, here is a post pic 2 days. The curls really didnt form all over so its a puffy, curly...something lol what I can say is that my hair is very soft, which hasnt happened in awhile, but the ends are a little crunchy which Im attributing to the S-curl Gel that I used.

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