Friday, February 27, 2009

90 day challenge

I know Ive been MIA for the week, but I had to handle some personal issues that arose over last weekend, which resulted in me not really touching my hair all week. So sad I know.
Update: Im starting my 100 day twist challenge today!!
last night I clarified my scalp and hair with Giovanni 50/50, this time only putting it on my scalp. Oh wait no first thing I did was do an oil treatment with a mixture that I made up, then I clarified. (Sorry if I seem a little rushed, Im at work and Im trying to make this post quick :-)) Then i put some Giovanni LID, Jamacian Black Castor Oil, and then my Shea Mango Butter mixture. I did these in that same order. Oh wait I forgot that I did an Organic Root Stimulator replenish pak treatment. I put that in after I detangled with VO5. Ok this is the order in which I did it:
Oil treatment-Homemade
Clarify- Giovanni 50/50
Detangle- VO5
Protein treatment- ORS Replenish Pak
Moisturize- Giovani DLI
Seal- Jamaican Blk Castor OIl, homemade Shea Mango Butter mixture.

I did an overnight treatment with the ORS and my hair was in big twist the entire time. I woke up and rinsed that out and sealed the ends. Once the hair was mostly air dried I pinned up the twist because I had to work this morning. Once I get home Im going to start the twist.

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  1. Good luck on your challenge - I am also doing a 'protective style' challenge until the summer - I started last August- '08 - I've been wearing box braids and twists.

    Good luck - again ;o)