Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Love Money 2

As usual I did get my Monday fix of reality tv shows. This week Im going to highlight VH1's " I Love Money2" which airs 9pm Mondays on VH1. This show is the second season, its a bunch of different reality show stars from the various shows, ie "Flavor of Love", "I Love NY" "Rock of Love" etc. I just want to talk about Leilene, from "Flavor of Love" cant remember which season. She's the Asian woman who was a stripper and she got really upset when someone called her out about it. She claims she strips to support her children and that shes a good mother to them. In Monday's episode it was just incredible how she wants to be so accepted by her cast masts that she allows herself to be walked over by everyone.

Long story short, Leilene, Buckwild and Onyx were up for elimination and Buckwild and Shapphyri ,both cast masts from "Flavor of Love", convinced her that it would be better for her to quit the show so that they could vote in another player to be eliminated. Leilene ends up flirting and liking the opponent who has the task to chose who goes home and he starts to convince her to quit the show also. Leilene is so clueless and delusional and its just sad, her own "friends" were trying to get her to leave just to save their own behinds and the guy she seems to be "falling for" is playing her just the same. Mind you in the same episode, she admitted that she had a big crush on Buddha....poor lady. I feel really bad for her children, how are they suppose to look up to her when she cant even get herself together. I hope they have a good support system raising them because she obviously aint cutting it. Check out the clip...
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