Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cinderella.....Giovanni 50/50......Aphogee

Tuesdays are my only day off so I usually spend it catching up on household chores, cooking and cleaning, so yesterday was no different. Unfortunately I didnt get to start dealing with my hair until about 11pm and soon after I started my son woke up needless to say I didnt finish everything till about 2 and didnt go to sleep till after 3am. Anyways my hair didnt come out the way I wanted it to but I know where I went wrong and will correct it the next go round. 1st- my shea and mango butter didnt come in the mail yet and I wouldve preferred to use that instead of S-Curl Gel. 2nd- I was rushing and didnt really smooth out the hair before rolling it which left some curls frizzy and 3rd- some curls werent dry all the way but it was after 6 30am and I was running late for work. I pretty much stuck with the routine I outlined before here is what I did:

- all day pre-poo with castor/coconut oil mixture and HE Hello Hydration Cond
- clarify with Giovanni 50/50
- Aphogee 2 Min Keratin treatment
- Co-wash and detangle with HE Hello Hydration Cond
- Giovanni DLI then Castor/coconut oil mixture to seal ends
- I set my hair on perm rods
I did forget to do a final rinse with the ACV.

When I took my vow I did some research by looking at other peoples blogs and websites dedicated to natural hair care and I stumbled across a video demonstrating the proper way to detangle knots and that was a God send. Usually I would try to untangle it, to no avail then I get so frustrated that I would end up ripping my hair but this video has helped me keep a lot of my hair, Im going to try to find the video because those simple steps are an invaluable lesson to retain your hair. I finger detangled my hair first and took out any knots before using my Jilbere comb and when I did go to comb the hair, it was like a warm knife cutting butter and a lot less hair broke and shed. This is all the hair that was lost during my 20 minute detangling session. Since I started moisturizing and taking care of my hair the amount of hair that is lost has significantly decreased and I can see that the hair lost is coming from the root because of the white bulb on the ends. Theres still some broken ends but things are looking better than before.

Aphogee 2 Min Treatment
The first time I used Aphogee 2 min treatment my curls got super duper define and my hair shrunk to half its normal size when wet and I wish I wouldve taken a picture to show you guys what I meant. I used this product again and my hair did shrink but not as bad as the first time.

the first picture is my hair after using Giovanni 50/50 and the next is after the Aphogee treatment, can you see the tightness of the curls? I wasnt sure if that was suppose to happen but I like the product because it strengthened my hair

Giovanni 50/50 Hydrating/Clarifying Shampoo
This shampoo was the bomb. Usually when I use shampoos it leaves my hair matted and just dry until I used a conditioner which restores some type of manageability. As Ive learned that "stripped" feeling the shampoo leaves is because of the sulfates used in most shampoo. This shampoo however left my hair feeling soft and moist, however I cant give it complete credit because I did do just about a 24 hr pre-poo, but the combo of both was great. I used too much because I usually have to use A LOT of shampoo because my hair just drinks it up. This however my hair LOVED and is deemed the first staple in my hair routine. It lather very well for a non sulfate organic shampoo. If your looking for a great clarifying shampoo try this one.

After all was said and done here is the end result, some parts were more curled than others. The next time along with using Shea and Mango butter instead of S-Curl Gel, Im going to only use the grey rods because it is smaller and those curls on the grey rollers came out perfect and I will sit under a hooded dryer to make sure my hair does dry.

as you can see the curls around the front came out better then the middle

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