Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Reality Junkie

Im a reality tv addict. I love it!! I cant help myself but to be draw to the foolishness. From "Flavor of Love", "I Love NY", "Real Chance of Love" and even "Rock of Love", the people at VH1 really know how to tickle my fancy. Their monday line up has always been the highlight of the new work week. Now with Ray J's new show "For the Love of Ray J" VH1 has taken it to a whole 'nother level!! These women are too much especially the booty poppin, Im in love with a stripper chick.

I would love to be on one of these reality shows but I have morals and values and wouldnt subject myself to be devalued, but I dont mind living vicariously for a hour, through these shows. I guess thats why Im so addicted lol. Ever since I was younger I have always wanted to be on MTV'S "Road Rules" but thats a flop now and Ive even considered "Real World" but Im a mother now and I would disgrace my son like that. Each week Im going to be posting updates and my thoughts regarding whats stay tuned

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