Friday, February 13, 2009

What to do...90 day hair Challenge?

Ok so its Friday night and Im still at work. When I go home I have to do something to my head..but Im not quite sure what to do. Im thinking of doing 2 strand twist and taking that out in the morning for church. I cant wait for my hair to get longer so that I can rock the 2 strand twist on its own or pin it up and wear it like that. Right now its still too short to pin up in a nice enough style.

Im really thinking of doing a 90 day challenge where I keep my hair in, lets say kinky twist, so I dont hav to really touch my hair because Im thinking the less I manipulate my hair the better. I would redo the twists every month and do a clarifying wash to the hair. During each month that my hair is twisted up I would do a weekly co-wash and moisturize daily. I said that I would give myself 3 months to see if I can develop a routine so that would bring me to the end of March. I think I am going to do that starting April 1, Im going to wash and clarify my hair then do kinky twist, myself and redo them every month. Then Ill check my hair progress from there.

For tonight however Im still not sure what I want to do, but I will be co-washing, moisturizing then sealing.

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