Saturday, January 31, 2009

Chirst's coming, 2011????

Im a born and raised Seventh Day Adventist Christian. Those of you who have never heard of the religion we believe that the 7th day, Saturday is the day God designated as the day of rest from all forms of work, it is the day that we are suppose to rest and reflect on the wonders God has done in our lives. We believe in Christ's second coming and the New Jerusalem.

While driving to work this afternoon I often like to listen to 94.7 WFME Family Radio in Noth New Jersey, it is a Christian radio station that I grew up listening to every Saturday morning while getting ready for church. Theres this one segment called Ministries from the Bible with Harold Camping, theres actually a tv version. So Mr. Camping and the entire Family Radio station has complied some information in a book stating that the end of times is near and the second coming of Christ will be in the year 2011. Now I dont know about you and your religious affiliations and beliefs but I grew up knowing that, no man knows the day nor the hour of his coming and Im just really confused to hear of this man on a nationally syndicated program stating false facts. You can check it out for yourself in Matthew 24:36 but if you have time read the entire chapter. God speaks about how false prophets and people will be talking about his coming but how we must stand firm in our beliefs. God said not even the angels in heaven know when his second coming will be, so how could any human proclaim such a thing? We just have to be ready. Do you believe in the second coming of Christ and do you believe that God has revealed this date to us?

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