Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Story

This is my first blog and I was inspired to start a blog of my journey being natural after reading several other blogs. It seemed like a great way to not only track my hair progress but also an outlet to interact with other naturals and learn off of each other trials.

I contemplated going natural since I was a sophomore in high school, but never really acted on the thought of doing so. For as long as I have known myself my hair was always relaxed. From what my mother told me I had thick hair and it was always a struggle to do it so she decided to relax it to ease the pain of doing my hair. As the new growth would grow in I knew what she said was true as my hair would be very thick and coarse. I would go to the salon and get my hair relaxed and doobied like clockwork but it would never grow past the top of my shoulders. One day I was with a group of friends walking in NYC standing on the corner about to cross the street. As we were walking I saw a big head of hair coming towards me and I was in complete awe. Here was this lady with the biggest Afro I had ever seen and I just had to stop her. She was very nice and we briefly chatted about her hair and from that day I was over relaxing my hair and wanted to be natural. Just as I was about to graduate h.s. I thought that since I would be beginning a new chapter in my life I would do so with my hair. The summer after my first year of college, I decided that July 2006 would be my last relaxer. At the time my hair was dyed red and I grew the relaxer and color out for about 6 months, at which time I grew tired of the straight red ends and decided to do The Big Chop and haven't looked back.

I was always a fast learner and with no formal training, I quickly learned how to style hair and that was my side hustle even to this day, but this year for some odd reason I realized that I don't really know how to "take care" of my hair. Yea it has been growing but I never really did anything to it, except for the once every 2 wk washes and braiding it up. As this year began I realized that I needed to do some research on hair care and Ive come across a plethora of information that I never knew existed. To be honest I feel ashamed that I never thought of doing this before, but its better late than never. Now I have vowed to myself to learn to what my hair needs to flourish and to take better care of my hair, so this marks my journey.................

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