Saturday, January 31, 2009

Too tired

After work on Friday nights I usually come home and do my hair for church the next day. I am a born and raised Seventh Day Adventist, btw. So lastnight I wasnt really able to do anything with my hair, as Ive said in a previous post I have a 15wk old son and for the last couple of nights he hasnt been sleeping through the night like he normally does. IDK y but I just have to deal. Add the restless baby on top of just coming in from work and running off of a combined 10 hrs of sleep from the last 3 nights= not doing my hair for church. What I was able to do was douce my hair with some EVOO and Suave Tropical Coconut conditioner, donned a shower cap with a headband around the border to keep the cap in place and called it a night.....yea right, we didnt go to sleep till about 4 30 this morning and only because his father put the tv on a channel where it "snows" and the white noise lulled him to sleep.
I didnt get up this afternoon till about 1 45pm, mind you I had to be at work for 3pm. What I was able to do since my hair already had conditioner in it I just wet it some more and began to detangle it added more conditioner as needed. I jumped in the shower and washed it out, did the final rinse with ACV and squeezed out excess water. I added Giovanni LID followed with Jojoba Oil. I wasnt really sure what I wanted to do with my hair and I was pressed for time so it was loojing like an afro day, so I added some S-curl activator gel then realized that I had aloe vera gel and that would be better so I added some of that to my wet hair as well. Then I saw some white residue Im guessing from the S-curl/Aloe mixture in the front which was not sexy, needless to say I rinsed that out. I used the blow dryer and finger diffuser on cool in an attempt to not go outside with sopping wet hair. Once it was just about dry I put some more Jojoba Oil in my hands and formed the afro. Ill put some pictures up tomorrow as I am currently at work now.

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