Saturday, March 7, 2009

I bought what?

SO this month was suppose to be a "Spend Free" one but umm...I bought 3 things. *holding head down in shame* I was at work and I was so tired while doing Am runs that I stopped to get some coffee in an attempt to keep me awake. I spent about $6, I also got a cheeseburger..I was hungry
Then they opened a new Target by my job and I was with my son and bf so we went inside to see how it was. I have this thing for travel sized toiletries, because I put them in a make up bag and leave it in the car in case I forget to put on deodorant in the morning, I have some on had. So I got some of those and wet wipes for the baby and they had 24 case packs of water for $2, which is a deal. most importantly I finally bought my son a jumper. I was in between one made by Baby Einstein and the Exerscauer, ranging from about $85-100, and I was eyeing to see if i could get one on sale. This day the new Target has the Baby Einstein Jumper on sale for about $65. I was all over it and I dont regret it. My son is slowly liking it so its worth it. My grand total at target was $100...who spends that much at Target? Idk also they had baby socks for $.89 cents.
Then yesterday I was working at another group home and I stopped to get some coffee from Seven11 and that was it, no actually I got coffee from Seven11 twice.
Thats actually not bad considering Ive been having an urge for McDonalds and Ive been bringing food to work so I dont get tempted.
Ive got to do better!!


  1. LOL girl don't feel bad I can't walk in Target with out buying some Shoes, jewelry, little stuff from that $1 display and lets not forget PURSES!!! I swear Target is of the devil!!!! I love that place it just has to be evil!!!

  2. Target is the devil its so hard to walk in there and walk out empty handed. I went there with my job on Monday and spent damn near $80!!! I need to get it together lol but Im glad Im not alone