Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bad week

this week on the health tip wasnt a good one. So Ive lost 5lbs so far but I think Ive put it all back on this week. I started my new position at the other group home and Im not use to packing lunch/dinner for work so Ive been just dumping all kind of simple in a bag and taking with me to satisfy my hunger, that was Monday. Tues I didnt get a chance to cook because I took the meat out too late so I tried to grab some bread a can of tuna and some other stuff.
I ended up eating 1.5 beef patties and some cream soda for lunch. Not the bed lunch to eat. Ive also realize that Im doing so much that I forget to eat when I initially get hungry and when I do realize that Im hungry its at the point where Im starving and then I start scrambling for something to eat.
Yesterday for example I worked a double from 7-10am. Once I got to the second group home I was in training and doing this and that, would you believe I didnt sit down and eat until about 9 pm, mind you Im suppose to stop eating after 8pm.
I did manage to get 2 good workouts in on Monday and Tues mornings and I felt so hopeful about the week but this wasnt the best week. I have to find a balance between working and exercising and eating right and being a mother and everything else I have to be..
Wish Me Luck!


  1. Good luck - at least you started - I haven't even started a workout routine which was one of my resolutions and it's almost the end of March :o(

  2. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LOOSING WEIGHT IS NOT EASY!! I just bought 20 smart ones from walmart so I can eat lunch at work without buying the bad stuff. I'm now trying to throw out all of the bad stuff in my kitchen it has to go or I'll eat it!!! Be stong sis!!!

    Nappturally yours,


  3. thank u ladies for the encouragement. its like ou go so hard in the beginning and then things taper down and its so hard.

    MoZaic, yea Shoprite had them on sale for .99 a couple weeks back and I went crazy. What ive been attempting to do is whatever I goo for dinner, I eat as lunch and then around dinner time I eat a smart ones so that when its time for bed my food would have been digested already. Idk but once this crazy schedule of mine dies down Im going back to the gym