Sunday, March 1, 2009

3 month hair check

At first I didnt think that my hair was retaining any length because when I would detangle my hair I felt like so much hair was coming out, some of which had the white cuticle at the ends and others didnt indicating breakage. However pictures do not lie and I can definitely see and feel the difference since I started taking care of my hair. Here is my 3 month hair check, I started in Jan 09 and my first check is now Mar 09.


  1. Wow! Lots of growth! I'm jealous I hope when I take my interlocks out I have some kind of growth my goal is to one day have APL

  2. Wonderful growth! Keep up the good work:) Your hair is looking lovely!

  3. thank you ladies. Im really surprised by the growth as well, Im so excited for the furture